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6 Games similar to World Of Warcraft

When we talk about MMORPG, undoubtedly one of the best known is World of Warcraft (or, as it is also known, WoW, by its acronym). This game was part of the childhood and daily life of many of today’s gamers and currently has more than 8 million registered users.

Because it was, at the time, one of the most iconic MMORPGs for its constant updates, game system and constant action, it generated immense income to its developers. So much so, that it even has a movie with the same name and a sequel is expected.

By the way, it’s a great game.

Back to video games, the passage of time has brought us many new well-developed alternatives that use similar game mechanics or systems. Are you a WoW lover, but want to try something different? Keep reading this guide, we will show you some games similar to World of Warcraft.

EVE Online

eve online

Away from the mystical environment, orcs, dwarves and wizards, EVE Online is an MMORPG that takes place in space. Its vast universe is made up of different ships controlled by the players and that, thanks to them, can move to more than 8,000 different solar systems.

The graphic quality of this MMORPG is excellent and you can see that they have made a great effort to achieve good details. This can be noticed when you see that each of the many solar systems has its own moons, asteroid belts, suns and so on.

The storyline of this game is very detailed.

The story of this online game is based in a distant future, some 21,000 years in the future, where humanity, thanks to its greed and way of life, has run out of terrestrial resources and has found it necessary to settle in the Milky Way to continue living.

The peculiar thing about this game is that, in a way, it can be said that its future is determined by what its players do with it. A clear example is a battle that even appeared in the media.

This battle originated because one faction failed to pay an invoice to another faction on time. The result of this battle was about half a million dollars in damages between players and is remembered as one of the most important battles in the history of EVE.

EVE is a raw game where not many concessions are given. A mix between science fiction and liberalism in which players are in control of their destinies. An experience worth trying if you like space environments and action.

A game with a lot of action.

Aion Online

aion online

We start with a detail that can become really important for those players who do not end up being encouraged to try it. And is that, although in its beginnings it was a game that worked based on the payment of fees, some time ago the developers have changed to the free to play mode, that is, it is a totally free game.

Aion Online.

Aion is set in a world that has survived a fierce dispute between 2 races. How can it be otherwise, you will have to choose between one of those two factions: Asmodians or Elyos, where the Asmodians are dark elf-like creatures and the Elyos would come to be their counterpart.

But they don’t exist only in a world that has survived a dispute between 2 races.

But there are not only these two races. There are also the Balaurs, who act as judges or, in other words, maintain the balance between factions, but members of this race cannot be chosen as selectable characters.

After selecting your faction, it’s time to choose your class, where you can choose between being an explorer, mage, warrior, among others. Later on, you will be able to achieve further specialization.

Speaking of the game’s animation, we can tell you that it is really attractive, leaning more towards anime, than to complex 3D animations, but to which it takes a great advantage, where the excellent landscapes and character design stand out.

As for gameplay, you can play in several modes, both PvE and PvP, with frantic and entertaining fights, where the common thing is to see a lot of chain attacks and the use of many buttons that, although they can be complicated at the beginning, once you get used to it, they work very well.

But that’s not the only one.

But that’s not the most outstanding aspect of the game, but an almost unique quality within the genre: the incorporation of a flight system. You can fly with total freedom and without limits throughout the map, without the need for any kind of mounts. It is this feature that makes Aion Online a truly different option to other MMORPGs.

In summary, Aion is a game that can grab you from the beginning thanks to its design and game mechanics. It has bet on an innovative system and that you can enjoy it at virtually no cost.

It has an interesting main story and, to keep you from getting tired,you can participate in seasonal events and additional stories that usually appear periodically.

APB: Reloaded

apb reloaded game

Let’s go now with an alternative that is a little closer to the real world and our present day. APB: Reloaded is set in a city like any other, where thieves and cops abound and is named San Paro City.

In order to start with the action you will have to create your character, which you will have to affiliate to a side: Will you be an agent of the law, or will you be part of the thieves?

Will you be an agent of the law, or will you be part of the thieves?

Will you be an agent of the law?

Once you choose one side or the other, the story begins and, it is worth noting that, depending on your choice, you will be able to go through a totally different story and your character will also be different.

This MMORPG has a similar dynamic to GTA, since you can drive any vehicle you find, as well as fight freely. That said, the best thing about this game are the missions that are made available and, of course, the great fights between both sides.

APB: Reloaded is a game that you can enjoy for free although, as you can imagine, it also has upgrades that you can buy that can help you in your campaign.

Guild Wars 2

Guild wars 2 game

This second installment of Guild Wars became one of the most famous MMORPGs of the moment, second only to industry giant World of Warcraft. It is not only popular among users, but also among critics, enjoying extremely high ratings.

When it comes to the game’s popularity, it’s not only popular among users, but also among critics, enjoying extremely high ratings.

Despite not being a user favorite, it is true that in many ways it surpasses its rival in the MMORPG world, with the added bonus that you can play it as much as you want without paying a monthly subscription.

The game can be played as long as you want without the need to pay a monthly subscription.

The game can be kept running for free thanks to its gem store, which provides sufficient income to its developers. This revenue is invested, in part, to release new updates, which in turn attracts new players and maintains the loyalty of the old ones.

In the game you will have a large amount of content that will grab you and tools that will help you overcome missions and customize your character as you like, plus they periodically introduce new weapons, mounts and different events.

The story takes place in a fantastic world in which you will be a member of one of the 5 races that exist. Before the real adventure begins, you will be a recruit in an academy that will be in charge of preparing you for what is to come. After passing the tutorial, the journeys will begin and you will be able to enjoy all the excellent mechanics of the game.

All of the game’s excellent mechanics.

Something that stands out about Guild Wars 2 is the flexibility it gives players to make up their teams in PvE, where you won’t have to stick with the classic formations in which you can’t miss tanks or healers to win.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

star wars the old republic

As you may notice, it is an MMORPG set in the Star Wars universe. The story takes place in the Old Republic, some 3,000 years before the appearance of Darth Vader. The appearance of a new Sith empire triggers a process of conquest throughout the galaxy and triggers the battle between the Empire’s side and the Republic’s side.

The story is set in the Old Republic, some 3,000 years before the appearance of Darth Vader.

Although in the story both sides reach an agreement, the reality is that tensions are too great and the risk of new battles lurks around the clock.

Your mission when you enter this fantastic game will be to choose a side: the empire or the republic. If you are part of the empire, you will be able to choose between being a Sith warrior, an imperial agent, a bounty hunter or a Sith Inquisitor; while on the republic side the options will be: soldier, smuggler, Jedi knight and consular Jedi.

Despite the game being huge and you being a small character, your actions can generate a big impact on the universe

The game mechanics are simple. Battles take place in real time where moves are mapped to hotkeys. It also has modes for PvP and a space fight mode.

The game’s mechanics are simple.

It features a form of “dungeons”, better known as flashpoints, in which large groups of players are sent on missions to different points in the universe, such as Republic warships, or Empire prisons, in order to cooperate to achieve objectives and thus earn juicy loot rewards.

SWTOR is a game of “dungeons”, better known as flashpoints.

SWTOR is a delight for fans of the saga, with scripts perfectly up to the most demanding fans, good narratives and different strokes that link the game with the original story, something that is always appreciated.

This MMORPG has enjoyed several expansions and, although in its beginnings it was a subscription-based game, it is currently a free to play, so you can try it any time you want without having to make any disbursement.


rift game wallpaper

Rift, for the most novice gamers may seem like a copy or plagiarism of WoW, due to its similar game dynamics and designs. However, saving the coincidences, we can tell you that this title has no waste.

Since its beginnings, this game has brought numerous expansions with original content that little by little have made it grow and acquire its own identity. It has really well done environments, as well as an exquisite character design and gameplay that takes the best of other similar titles.

What we can say is that the game has a lot to offer.

What we can say about Rift is that in its beginnings it can be a bit tedious, but we invite you to be patient and constant, because as you progress, you will discover the elements that bring out all the splendor of Rift’s universe and that are really worth it.

One of the strongest points of this title is that it gives the player a large amount of options to combine different attributes in the creation of the character, which derives in quite personalized and specific play styles for each player.

In the beginning, you will have to choose between one of the two sides that make up the universe and are rival factions: Guardians and Defiant. When you choose your faction, it’s time to choose your race and class, will you be a mage, or maybe a priest, what about being a great warrior, or why not a thief?

After selecting your faction, it’s time to choose your race and class, will you be a mage, or maybe a priest, what about being a great warrior, or why not a thief?

After selecting your class, it’s time to opt for souls, which act as subclasses and serve the function of shaping a complex skill tree different for each combination of choices you’ve made and resulting in a high level of customization.

After selecting your class, it’s time to opt for souls.

With so many combinations and possibilities, it’s normal for players to take some time to find their ideal combination, but this adds to the fun of generating and testing new strategies, so getting bored is really hard.

In its early days, Rift was a free-to-play game. However, in 2016 an expansion was released in which there was exclusive content only for those who paid a subscription. This expansion was rebranded some time later and re-released for free for all players and remains so to this day.

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