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All the pc cheats for Age of Empires 3

Age of empires 3 cheats codes

In this guide we show you all the Age of Empires 3 cheats which will allow you to win among other things, gold, food and invocation of epic units, among many other things.

Before inserting these cheat codes remember that they are made for the single player, for the Multiplayer they do not work.

To be able to activate the cheat window:

  • Press the Enter key to open the chat window
  • Enter one of the cheats below
  • Press enter again to apply the cheat
Cheat Code Effect of the cheat
Give me liberty or give me coin +10,000 Gold
Nova & Orion +10,000 EXP
Medium Rare Please +10,000 Food
<censored> +10,000 Wood
tuck tuck tuck Summon a vehicle The Tommynator (Big red Truck that can run over anything)
where’s tha axe? Summon a George Crushington
ya gotta make do with what ya got Summon a Mediocre Bombard a unit of artillery that fires Capybara
don’t kick the pitbull Summon a Learicorn
o Canada 2005 Summon a Lazerbear (Bear with laser-eyes)
we <3 fluffy!1! Summon a Fluffy
wuv woo vol.2 Summon a Flying Purple Tapir
wee ooh wee ooh Summon a BigAndy (Monster truck)
speed always wins Increase the speed 100x with which you can perform research, collection and delivery as well as construction for all players
a recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese Feed all the animals on the map, generating more food
X marks the spot Reveals the entire map while still maintaining the fog
sooo good Makes funny texts appear when one unit kills another or destroys a construction
this is too hard You immediately win a game in single-player mode

If you have The Asian Dynasties expansion we also leave you some codes that you can use.

Cheats for expansion The Asian Dynasties

The asian dynasties cheats codes

Cheat Code Effect of the cheat
trade plz +10,000 Export
a whole lot of love +10,000 from each resource
mustard relish and burning oil Summon a Flaming Hot Dog Cart
ding ding ding Summon a Monster Ice Cream Truck