Animal Jam Codes – All listed

Updated: January 16, 2021

We have made a compilation with all the codes of Animal Jam and we put them in a list that we will update so you can redeem it whenever we have new ones. With these codes you will get some extra gems that will work very well for you.

Valid and updated codes

We recommend that you insert these codes quickly because they can expire at any time.

Code Reward
AJBDA Birthday Cake
Juno Hidden Juno Statue
adorableotter 750 Gems
funnyfox 750 Gems
fuzzytiger 750 Gems
cheerycheetah 750 Gems
swiftdeer 750 Gems
livelylynx 750 Gems
playfulpanda 750 Gems
wiseowl 750 Gems
poshpig 750 Gems
slowsloth 750 Gems
sneakycougar 750 Gems
clevercoyote 750 Gems
fastfalcon 750 Gems
wileywolf 750 Gems
luckyllama 750 Gems
quickhorse 750 Gems
billygoat 750 Gems
touchytoucan 750 Gems
dashingdolphin 750 Gems
lovablelemur 750 Gems
loudlion 750 Gems
sillyseal 750 Gems
supersheep 750 Gems
curiousraccoon 750 Gems
cuddlykoala 750 Gems
happyhyena 750 Gems
jammerjoey 750 Gems
coolpolarbear 750 Gems
snowyleopard 750 Gems

Do you think you have an operating code that is not on this list? We would love to hear from you to update this list of codes

How to redeem codes within the game

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Redeem code
  3. A new tab will appear where you must insert the codes, one by one
  4. To redeem click on Continue
  5. Enjoy your reward

Codes for animal jam

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