The 5 best Android PC emulators for gamers

Many players do not ask how they can play Android games on your computer and really do it is very simple, for this reason we want to show you the 9 best Android emulators that will work very well to play or enjoy your Play Store Apps.

Most of these emulators we show you are focused on the gaming sector because we love video games but you can give the use you want.

Before starting, check that you have activated the Virtualization on your PC because then you will not work properly these emulators, here is a video where you can do it easily y comprobar que la tienes activada.

#1 – Bluestacks

emulator bluestacks 4

You can download Bluestacks here.

We could say without doubt that Bluestacks is the Big boss of Android emulators, is very versatile, serves for all types of games and is very comfortable to use, this has made many Youtubers have taken this emulator and use it while recording their gameplays.

In addition to this, it consumes very few resources so that in computers with low requirements works quite well.

What we would like to highlight about Bluestacks is the ease with which it can be used, the most recommended option!

#2 – NOX Player

Emulator android Nox player

You can download Nox Player here.

Another great player enters the scene. NOX player competes with Bluestacks for the Android Emulator kingdom. This emulator became very famous for entering the first in the gaming sector and so far is giving much to talk about.

The most interesting thing about NOX Player is the great configuration that it allows us to do within the games, from assigning any macro or button in order to make an Android game as personalized as possible.

The RAM consumption is a little lower than Bluestacks but the CPU suffers a lot more so we recommend that you have a minimum RAM of 4 GB and an i5 processor up.

We recommend this emulator if you want to use it to play more powerful games that need more customization

#3 – Memu

Memu play emulator

You can download MEMU Play here.

The third place is taken by this emulator with quite low requirements, probably one of the best if you have a computer with very low requirements.

Currently together with the first 2 is the emulator that is working better thanks to its configuration and implementation. Being an emulator that does not need so many requirements to work, the interface is quite simple to use and in a few seconds you’ll be starting your favorite game.

We recommend this emulator to the players that don’t have a powerful hardware.

#4 – Gameloop

Gameloop emulator

You can download Gameloop here.

This emulator was initially intended for Tencent games but have gone to include other Android games. The positive point is that it is 100% designed to play powerful games like Fortnite Mobile, Arena of Valor, PUBG, Call of duty Mobile among others, this makes this Emulator a great choice if you only want to enjoy video games.

Before this emulator was known as Tencent Gaming Buddy but it evolved to Gameloop because they wanted to open market to other videogames no matter if they were from Tencent.

Without a doubt what we highlight most are their frequent updates for the improvement and optimization of resources and the great integration they do with the computer mouse and keyboard.

This is our choice for more professional games.

#5 – LDPlayer

ldplayer emulator

You can download LDPlayer here.

Finally we finish this list with a pretty powerful emulator as LDPlayer, although we warn you that this emulator is the most consumed is also because their tools are much larger than the other emulators listed above.

One of the features that we liked most was its video capture that incorporates that looks really good and serves to upload videos to youtube without problems.

What is clear is that this Emulator is quite powerful, but we do not think it compensates as much as others. if you are going to dedicate only to play with these emulators.

So our recommendation for this Emulator is that you try it if the other emulators do not work as you would like.

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