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Best PS4 action-adventure games

best ps4 action adventure games

The PS4 has more than 100 million users worldwide. It is the fourth best-selling console in history. What is the reason for its popularity? Its great monthly releases, many of them considered to be the best of PlayStation.

Since 2018, we know that the console entered its final life cycle. However, the PS4 is still more current than ever. Its catalog has a variety of high-quality options. From its own products, to multiplatform versions. In this article we offer you a selection with the best games for PS4.

Top PS4 adventure games

Thanks to the PS4 console, you have been able to experience epic quests, spectacular scenery and the most interesting characters. Below, we share our selection with the best games in this category.

#1 – Shadow of the colossus: a timeless classic

Shadow of the colossus

Shadow of the Colossus was a revelation in 2015. The story takes place in an ancient world. The young warrior Wander and his horse Agro transport Monkey to a forbidden land. She is a young woman who has died a victim of a sacrifice.

Armed with an ordinary bow and a mythical sword, Wander wants to search for Dormin. An entity that, according to legend, has the power to resurrect the dead. Upon meeting Dormin, he asks him to kill 16 giants in exchange for fulfilling his wish.

In 2018, Bluepoint Games releases a remake for PS4. An impeccable work from a technical point of view that maintains the original spirit of the classic PS2 and its enhanced HD PS3 version.

The most striking thing about the aesthetics of Shadows of the Colossus is the grandiloquence of the forbidden lands. A striking emptiness in which the only enemies are the colossi that each player must encounter. Each colossus has the power to shock and surprise, due to its appearance, its size and the way you will have to face it.

Bluepoint’s rendition feels very similar to the original, except for minor differences such as the presence of a new Easter egg, some subtle changes in quality of life and controller mapping.

The modeling of the environments is highly detailed, the simulation of shadows and lights give an impressive life to the game’s biomes. This PS4 version offers you the possibility to improve the visual fidelity thanks to its high dynamic range color.

It also allows you to choose between 2 graphical options with different priorities:

  • The first is the cinematic mode, which allows 4K resolutions and stunning sharpness on 1080p screens at specific 30 fps.
  • The second is the performance mode, an option that has less graphics quality. However, it maintains the frame rate with a target of 60 fps. Another contribution of this remake is the new photo mode. It has multiple alternatives that let you capture, share, retouch and save your best moments.

Shadow of Colossus is a modern classic that every gamer should experience.

#2 – Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon zero down

Horizon Zero Dawn is a new intellectual property from Guerrilla Games, which merges the best of “Monster Hunter”, “Tomb Raider”, “Far Cry 4” and “The Witcher”.

Its protagonist is named Aloi. She can jump, climb trees, roll, increase the size of her quiver, climb trees and uses a bow as her main weapon. She is a warrior on a quest to discover where she comes from and what her future is.

It is a high-level action RPG game. Her enemies are mechanical creatures and rival tribes. Combat requires good reflexes and tactical strategies, an invitation to think before shooting.

This game has a strategic component equal to that of any sandbox. When you start you find yourself in an area of the map, the main missions and errands are the guide that orients you and informs you about the challenges, robots and new territories.

It has cinematics that take you by the hand and reveal details. The game allows you to collect audio or text files, in order to go deeper into the subplots. Its activities and secondary missions are as interesting and fun as the main one.

In its soundtrack, the animal and nature effects stand out, where you can detail the touch of the wind or the movement of the rivers. It is an immersive experience where futuristic technology and wild natural environment, build an enigmatic universe with a high aesthetic value.

Top Action Games PS4 Games

Action is one of the most coveted genres among fans and experts. PS4 offers you a wide range of games, with styles, characters and stories for all tastes.

#1 – God of War: a mythological experience

god of war mythologic

In 2005, David Jaffe directed and designed the first Kratos odyssey, which combined elements of Greek mythology. This action story quickly captivated fans, inviting them to become Spartans to ascend to the Olympus of the gods.

A direct sequel appeared in 2007, in which the God of War had to take revenge against his enemies. The third installment arrived years later on the PlayStation 3. A special version was also released for the PlayStation Portable named ‘Chains Of Olympus.

The third generation of PlayStation presents in 2010 a new installment of the game, with new gameplay options and a renewed graphical aspect. It was recognized as the best game of the year. Then in 2013 closes the cycle of this saga on PlayStation3, with the release of “God of War: Ascension”.

5 years later (2018) Santa Monica publishes a renewed version of the saga. Although it maintains the name of Kratos, some bases change and the story moves to Norse mythology.

This installment is mind-blowing it is the first video game made in sequence shot. The camera is located close to Kratos’ back and moves depending on the movements to offer a good angle of visibility.

The result is an immersive experience without distractions, cutscenes or loading screens. Its story has an impeccable narrative structure. Kratos and his son Atreus set out on an expedition to the highest peak of the Norse realms to scatter the ashes of the boy’s mother.

During this journey they experience a mind-blowing campaign, composed of multiple tasks, side quests, item collection and much more. The scrolls, inscriptions and dialogues between Kratos and Atreus are the main source of information.

This version of God of War has more freedom of action, a new camera system, different touches with RPG and a much more mature Kratos. You can empower the parts of the armor, by means of enchantments. You can also add unique powers to weapons and customize the characters according to your style.

It is impeccable on a technical level. The soundtrack, graphic design and Spanish dubbing are excellent. It is an essential game for the connoisseurs of the saga.

#2 – Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th Anniversary

rise of the tomb raider 20 years

Tomb Raider is a saga created by Eidos/Square Enix. Since 1996, its protagonist Lara Croft has experienced multiple adventures in 34 different games for Android, PS4, iPhone, Wii, PS3, PSVITA, PS2, PS One, PSO, Xbox, GameCube, PC, among others.

Rise of the Tomb Raider (2016) is the edition created for PlayStation 4, to celebrate Lara Croft’s 20th birthday. In this installment the heroine must travel from Syria to Siberia, to follow her father and find the secret of immortality and the lost city of Kitezh.

Her main enemy is an organization called “The Trinity”, the evil soldiers have the mission to pursue Lara and stop her. The force of nature and the wild beasts of Siberia are also obstacles that she must face in her adventure.

This installment offers you more combat facilities and includes all the downloadable contents published so far. You also have a variety of unlocked outfits and weapons. By modifying Lara’s appearance, you acquire different characteristics such as better hunting skills or more resistance, among other virtues.

The Croft mansion is very important, due to the fact that it is the setting for the new downloadable content “Blood Ties”. It is a very interesting additional story, which represents a trip in Lara’s memory. It has support for PlayStation VR, through two modes: free and comfortable.

In the comfortable mode, Laura teleports and automatically moves to that scenario and can observe everything by moving her body or head. While in free mode, Laura can move anywhere using the sticks on the controller.

This anniversary edition offers modes that can be enjoyed collectively, an added difficulty level “Extreme Survivor” and card packs. You can find it in two presentations: deluxe edition (art book, digital content, metal box, necklace and 30 cm Lara replica) and collector’s edition (digital content and art book).

In conclusion, it is a game full of action, which offers an immense amount of hours of entertainment and a brilliant technical section.