Best 10 Roblox Games for all users

The amount of alternatives that Roblox has available for you is immense and although that is a great advantage, it can also make it somewhat complicated to know which game to choose to have an amazing experience.

That is why it is important that you know a list of the games that, according to the fans, are the best that have been developed in recent times within Roblox.

Within this list we have games for all tastes and ages, from adventures in the city, to experiences with pets, with gourmet life and well known animated characters. So there is sure to be one that will be just right for you.


Meepcity games

One of the Roblox games with more fans of all ages and genders is MeepCity. It is a simulation in which your character lives in a city and has activities (a job, hobbies, need to get money, go shopping, interact with their neighbors and much more).

You can build your house and decorate it according to your taste, but the objective of this option is that you achieve all the goals that your character has set for himself in his love life as well as in his professional life.

Besides this, it has the well-known chat so you can interact with other players in the best way and with a lot of mini-games for each role you decide to play.

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Jailbreak game

Among the list of the most played around the world is the famous Jailbreak, which has broken records of visits since 2017, the year of its launch. It is an escape game from a prison in the mode of Prison Life.

It has 2 game modes: inside the prison and outside. The latter usually offers more possibilities for users. Besides it works around 2 teams: the prisoners and the policemen. You can choose which team to belong to.

This adventure has at the disposal of the players weapons and other accessories that make the escape more interesting. What is most attractive about this alternative is that it allows the implementation of collaborative game strategies that must fight with the opposing team to achieve their goals.

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Work at a Pizza Place

Work At pizza place

Work in a pizzeria or Work at pizza place is a fun game. It was created in 2008 and since then it has not stopped having followers. This mode allows you to experience the life of a pizza restaurant in different ways. You can be the cook, the chef, the manager, the delivery man or a packer.

Each of the roles available to play has different activities and different modes of play. For example: the delivery man has to find the right address for the customer in a car in the shortest time possible or to get the necessary supplies to prepare the pizzas.

If you like the kitchen then preparing pizzas is your thing, here you can choose from many ingredients to get to give customers what they have asked. With the profits you get together with your team you can make improvements to the business and buy nice furniture that will attract customers.

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Dragon Ball Rage

Dragon ball ragem game

A character as emblematic as Goku also has a place of honor among Roblox’s top rated games. If you are a fan of the legendary Dragon Ball animated series you can acquire the role of any of its characters: Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta and many more.

The fighting skills of the characters are very varied and allow you to undertake fascinating battles with your enemies, also you can go unblocking different skills to reach the first place in the challenge.

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Pet Ranch Simulator 2

Pet ranch simulator 2 games

The fun game Pet Ranch Simulator 2 is all about managing your own ranch. On this ranch you can raise all kinds of pets. If you are an animal lover and you like to take care of them, this mode is for you.

It has different missions that make you earn gold to improve your ranch and acquire rare, legendary or valuable pets that you will have to take care of to multiply your earnings.

Within this there are very amusing mini-games in which your pets will be able to participate and they increase in difficulty as you play.

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Treasure Hunt Simulator

Treasure hunt simulator game

This adventure game is very attractive for those who enjoy exploration. Here you must find hidden treasures that you will be able to unearth with the help of your intuition and tools to dig.

As you find better treasures you will be able to sell them and accumulate gold to buy better tools and to be able to advance in the map. From shovels, to metal detectors and dynamite will be at your disposal to win.

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Natural Disaster Survival

natural disaster survival game

With the game Natural disaster survival you can live through your avatar extreme experiences, such as the most dangerous natural disasters: earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, tornadoes and thunderstorms.

The goal is to keep you safe and find the best strategies to survive in difficult times. You can move around the map to find the quietest areas. There are different maps available and there are also a series of passes that will help you stay safe during different disasters.

This is a fun option if you like to stay alert and use your strategy skills in different environments.

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Murder Mistery 2

murder mystery game

A perfect game for you to develop your analytical skills with your friends, is Murder Mistery 2. This minigame consists of solving the mystery behind a murder. If you are in the role of detective, it is your task to unmask the culprit, although it also gives you the possibility of being the murderer and look for the way to avoid being discovered.

If your role is one of the innocent you must find a way to escape from the criminal even if you don’t know who he is because he will come for you.

The different scenarios lend themselves to making the adventure much more fun, since there are favorable environments to hide or escape. Throughout the map there are gold coins that will allow you to buy knives, costumes and special skills that you can use in the different game modes.

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Adopt me

Adopt me winter wonderland

This adoption game is very popular because it allows you to be a baby adopted by a family or a parent who cares for the baby you have invited into their home.

It’s all about keeping the baby’s needs in top shape. These are: hunger, sleep, fun and cleanliness. If you manage to keep your baby happy you can win prizes that will help you improve your home and buy new things for your baby.

It is also interesting and fun to play the role of the baby, in this way you can demand from your father different challenges to spend fun moments together. Another modality of this game is the adoption of pets. Among these you will find unicorns, taps and many more.

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Epic Minigames

Epic minigames game roblox

Roblox mini-games are very popular because they offer fun to different kinds of users, since there are different classes and levels of difficulty.

It is a structure or great scenario with several levels that contains different competitions that you will have to pass. They usually require your concentration, skill and some luck.

Some competitions are individual and others are team competitions. These epic mini-games take place very quickly, one after the other. That’s why you have to be alert. There are team ball games, individual escape games, gladiatorial combats, others that require you to be quick to catch crystals, find treasure or collect objects by jumping.

Each one of these mini-games has different environments that make the experience a vertiginous adventure that you will surely have to repeat in order to discover the best way to win.

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After knowing which Roblox games are the best valued by the experts and the most played by the world public, you only have to start trying each one of them to become an expert.

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