All listed codes for Blox Life (Roblox) January 2021

Updated: January 16, 2021

Did you know that thanks to the codes you can get more cash than usual? Here are the codes available for the game Blox Life and we show you the best way to redeem it

Valid and updated codes

Code Reward
50MVisits 300 Cash
15KLikes 250 Cash
Christmas 250 Cash
BloxLife 500 Cash

We recommend that you redeem them as soon as possible because after a few months they will be disabled

How to redeem these codes?

  1. If you want to redeem these codes, simply go to the Twitter bird on the right side of the game and click.
  2. You will see that here you can enter all kinds of characters
  3. Enter the codes from the table above
  4. Enjoy your rewards 🎉

How to redeem codes for Blox Life

Want more codes?

To make this list what we do is visit the Twitter of the creator of the game because that’s how he shows all the available codes. Take a look at his Twitter!

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