texture packs for minecraft

Installing texture packs in Minecraft

If you have spent several hours playing Minecraft, it is possible that you are starting to find it a bit monotonous. We don’t mean that it is unattractive, since it is precisely characterized by its […]

playing minecraft with friends

How to play Minecraft with a friend?

The options for playing Minecraft with a friend are several. For example, you can choose between setting up a LAN network, play Minecraft Realm or opt for the creation of a private Minecraft server. It’s […]


How to install mods in Minecraft?

In our cool square world there is a great diversity of tools with which we have hours of fun. We personally love building huge houses in that game. But as time goes by we end […]

Roblox vs minecraft comparative

Roblox vs Minecraft comparative

If you are in the gamer environment you should know that there are two games that for some years have harvested a lot of fans and have become icons of creative games. It’s very true […]


6 Games similar to Minecraft block style

Are you a little tired of Minecraft or just want to try new experiences with block games? We’ve put together a collection of games that are very similar to Minecraft and we’re sure you’ll like […]

name generator for minecraft

Name generator for Minecraft

You want to have an amazing username but you’re short on ideas? Here’s a name generator for Minecraft that will solve this little problem for you in a few seconds. How does the generator work? […]