Find out how you can activate, stop or change the weather in Minecraft

Do you want to change the climate of Minecraft because you don’t like the current one? In this article we show you the codes that will allow you to change it in a very simple way, just with two steps.

You can change the weather as you like and you won’t have to play in the rain if you don’t want to. Try this:

image with and without rain

Step #1. Activate the console command mode

In order to activate rain in your game, you must activate the option to allow cheats at the beginning of the game, this will allow you in the games already saved not to make cheats and to separate the good one from the “with chets” one

If you do not activate this, all the codes that we put below will not work for you to change the weather.

Step #2. Write in the chat

As a rule, the weather will automatically come with the game so that we can change it whenever we want and not be constantly disturbed by the rain. Write down the following code to clean up any trace of weather. Press the “T” and when you have the chat open enter the following:

  • Clear the weather inside the game: /weather clear
  • If you want to eliminate the weather for a few seconds: /weather clear [seconds]
  • To insert the rain into the game: /weather rain
  • To start a storm:  /weather thunder
  • To make the snow fall: /weather snow

Just press enter and you can see how the weather changes automatically.

It’s time to try out the changes in the weather

As easy as activating the cheat mode and inserting the codes to start being the god of Minecraft. Try it now and tell us what you think.

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