How does the competitive system work at Valorant?

Updated: July 26, 2020

One of the most frequently asked questions by the players is how the new system implemented at Valorant works in order to evaluate the player’s positioning, what are the existing ranks and the ways to climb positions at Valorant. In this article we will tell you how all this works and how you can start improving from today.

A view of the competitive in Valorant

There are up to a total of 8 ranks in the competitive Valorant.

Starting from the bottom up we find:

the structure of valorant competitive

Iron Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Inmortal Radiant
Iron 3 Bronze 3 Silver 3 Gold 3 Platinum 3 Diamond 3 Inmortal 3
Iron 2 Bronze 2 Silver 2 Gold 2 Platinum 2 Diamond 2 Inmortal 2
Iron 1 Bronze 1 Silver 1 Gold 1 Platinum 1 Diamond 1 Inmortal 1

*Radiant is a unique rank that only the most professional players in the game can achieve.

How do you get your first rank?

rank inmortal reached

To start enjoying the competitive Valorant you will first need to play 20 normal games, thus avoiding starting the game without knowing much about how the game works. The first 20 games will allow you to learn how all the characters work and also to know the objective of the game.

If you have played the Beta before and you have played all 20 games, you will have no problems to access the rankings of Valorant.

Keep in mind that the 20 games also work to calculate your MMR, so we recommend you to take these 20 games very seriously.

Once you have participated in the first 5 positioning games, the system will position you in one range or another depending on how you did the first 20 games and how you did the last 5 games. So don’t be surprised if you start out in Iron or Bronze, you’ll gradually move up the rankings :).

Points to consider when pushing range

haven map valorant

To understand how Riot Games has planned the rise and fall of rank has been this way.

  • Losing the game does not mean losing a lot of rank, if you have done well with positive statistics, you have planted a lot and you have defeated a lot, the system will give you a minimum drop in rank
  • Winning the game means a rise in rank, but the better you do it within the game, the higher the rise
  • A draw will never lower your rank, so always try your best to climb a little higher in the draws
  • Therefore, the individual stats will eventually make the most sense of your rank and not the final result of the game as you will have several in which you will win and others in which you will lose.
  • Games in which you end up with rounds far apart from each other will change your rank a lot, both for the better and for the worse. It is better to stay 13 – 5 than 13 – 11 for the rank increase
  • In Valorant everything counts, from giving vision, to making first blood, to blocking enemies, to slowing down, everything counts to score within the game, so don’t just look for kills and go play with equipment that is what will allow you to really rise in rank.

Keep in mind that individual results will be very important when climbing positions.

Communicate, use all the skills you can to help your team and you will probably end up climbing positions without noticing it.

Increase rank

If you have drawn or won in a game, you will probably see a rating like this next to your rank in the picture.

Valorant increase of rank

This is what will let you know how well you have done in the game and therefore, you will know approximately how you are doing in the competition.

The better you do in the game, the higher the rating gain.

Rank loss

Rank loss

Everyone can have a bad game and end up getting beaten badly. These charts will help you measure how much you’ve lost in the game.

Rank Even

It may even be the case that the system will decide that you neither go up nor down in rank so your rank will be maintained.

Competitive games with your friends

One of the most interesting points of Valorant’s ranked game is that you can play it with your friends. As a general rule we strongly suggest a difference in rank of at least 2 divisions but you can still play with your friends.

You can play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 who will still count the rank for the soloq.

It is probably a good idea to start playing with your friends because in low divisions there is usually very little communication and between 2 people who communicate well they can easily win the game.

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