Download Roblox for PC

Many users have asked us how to download Roblox on your computer and it is really very simple. In we explain the steps you must follow to enjoy Roblox on your PC. In a few minutes you will be playing Roblox with keyboard and mouse.

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Roblox account creation

To get started, you need to create an in-game account. To do this you will need to access the official Roblox website. Among other things it asks you for the Date of Birth, username (we recommend a nickname), password and finally Click on the Register button and you’re done.

Register to roblox

Choosing the game we want to play

Once registered you will enter a new screen where you can choose Roblox games. We recommend that you choose a game that your friends are already playing or one that has enough hands above, these are the most popular and the ones that players like the most.

Click on the game you want to play and click on the green Play button.

start playing a roblox game

Downloading the game

You will see that if you have followed the steps it asks you now to download the game. So we will do it and continue with all the steps of the download.

We recommend that you save the game in a part of the hard disk that you have more empty, so the games will not take up space on the SSD for example.

Roblox Installation

Now with the game downloaded, you’ll have to click on the browser tab where it is (as in the image) or look for it in the folder where you saved it. Once you have opened the .exe, you simply have to hit “run” to start the installation and the following steps are simple. The last thing left is to click on Play to start enjoying all Roblox games.

Tutorial how to start and play the game

Finally the last thing left is to enjoy the game!

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