How important is the graphics card for games?

The one element that cannot be missing from the operation of video games is the graphics card. Without it, we simply could not process the increasingly advanced three-dimensional structures of games.

They are devices that accompany the processor and are essential in any PC gamer. Its function is to process and calculate in real time the multiple algorithms and codes that make up the visual aspect of each computer development, specifically those that require a 3-dimensional rendering.

Every computer has an integrated graphics card that is designed to meet the most basic and common functions. The difference is that advanced graphics cards are designed to work more efficiently and with much more power.

With a graphics card you can not only play titles with complex graphics like GTA V, but also design and edit videos.

What makes up a graphics card?

But how are these devices composed?

  • Graphics Processing Unit: or also known as GPU, is the heart of the card. Millions of transistors are integrated here and they reach the execution of the tasks. The bigger this area is, the more efficient it is.
  • Graphic Memory: or GRAM, is a RAM memory dedicated exclusively to data storage to complement the main memory of the computer.
  • Digital-analogical memory converters: it is in charge of receiving the digital signals emitted by the graphic card and converting them into data that can be interpreted by the computer monitor.
  • Integrated fans: the most advanced cards usually include their own fans to avoid overheating the whole circuit when playing.

Types of graphic cards

There are two types of cards:

  • The integrated ones: which are included in the processor and fulfill the most basic functions.
  • The dedicated or external ones: these are the ones designed to fulfill high performance tasks, such as video games or graphic design rendering.

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