How not to get injured playing video games?

The world of video games has evolved so much that it has gone to a higher level contemplating professional categories, where experienced gamers are measured in international competitions such as eSports. However, many of these players refer ailments after spending so many hours behind the computer.

Most frequent pathologies in gamers

Among the diseases associated with the most frequent electronic activities we can highlight the tendon injuries of the wrist, such as carpal tunnel. This is an injury that, in the most critical case, may require surgery. Due to frequent and repetitive use of the hand and wrist joints.

We can also mention Quervain’s syndrome, ankylosis, osteomuscular pain in high areas such as neck and back. Not to mention nervous, gastrointestinal and visual ailments.


If your passion is video games and you are in professional training to be a gamer, you will have to follow a series of recommendations to increase the quality of life and avoid injuries that alter the health condition.

  1. Do some physical activity that fights sedentarism.
  2. Have an ergonomic environment that guarantees adequate postures both in the back and in the hands.
  3. Warm up before playing, including stretching.
  4. Have rest intervals between training sessions. To establish a schedule that does not exceed the required hours, since an overload in the muscles and the tendons can occur.
  5. Have a balanced diet that provides nutrients to the musculoskeletal system.
  6. Drink plenty of water.
  7. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
  8. Adopt adequate postural changes that avoid any dysergonomic risk.
  9. To use protective glasses for gamers with filters that block the blue light of the monitor that can be harmful for the eyeball.
  10. Use and position the monitor well so that external lights do not reflect on the screen.
  11. Finish each game or workout with stretches that restore mobility and balance to the joints.

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