How to be sponsored by a gamer company?

The dream of millions of gamers is to have the sponsorship of a company that represents the jump from the amateur level to the professional one. Although the path is not easy, with patience, dedication and talent you can live from your skills in front of the keyboard or gamepad.

How to sign a gamer contract?

The first step to be a company sponsor is to stand out from other gamers. As it happens in conventional sports, in eSports the most outstanding players are those who receive sponsorship.

You must become the best or one of the best gamers in your area. This can only be done with dedication, hard work and a lot of discipline. As a reference, most of the elite players started building their career before the age of 10.

The second step is to achieve visibility in the market. Currently this is very easy, since you have platforms like Twitch or YouTube. In addition to your game broadcasts, it is also advisable to have a presence on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. The more noise you can make, the better.

As your game recordings grow in size, you’ll be able to hear more from other gamers and companies. The same will happen with your social network accounts: as you have more followers, you will become a reference in the field.

Sooner or later you will attract the attention of a company that wants to sponsor you. Before signing the contract, you should read the conditions carefully and compare them with other offers so that you can make the best choice.

Ultimately, you can be the one who explores the possibility of being sponsored by the company. In this case, you are at a disadvantage, since they will clearly have more license to impose the conditions they want.

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