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How to find diamonds in Minecraft? Quickly

How to find diamonds in minecraft

Are you looking for an easy way to find diamonds in Minecraft? We’re in this situation at some point too, which is why we’ll give you some tips here so you can get these diamonds quickly when you start the game.

We quickly found a cave full of diamonds in a few minutes with this technique.

How to find diamonds in minecraft

What do you need before you go down for diamonds?

Before going down for these diamond ores you will need the following items:

  1. Iron pickaxe or better
  2. Some torches
  3. Ladders if you want to go down quickly
  4. We recommend that you also carry a sword in case you find a mine with monsters

Basically all this will allow you to go down and up again quickly from the Diamond mine without having to waste much time, it will also help you to light up the cave while you are mining.

Where do you find all the diamond ores?

The diamond ores are located between level 11 and 5. These are the places where you will find most of the diamonds you will get in your game.

To find out which level you are in, simply press F3 on your keyboard and the advanced options will open, This allows you to see your exact geolocation.

Level you are on Minecraft
Level 19

Where it says XYZ we must look at the X that will be the vertical level in which we are.

To go down, we recommend that you go down vertically and with the ladders make a ladder as straight as possible to quickly climb up to the outside

Therefore, you simply have to go down to 11 and mine between these levels to find the precious diamond ores.

Hopefully you will find whole galleries where you can find a lot of diamonds or at least they will give you access to find other types of ores.