How to get free RP in League of legends?

Without a doubt, one of the most famous games on the Internet is Lol, or League of Legends, a game that has a large community and has become so popular that today there are even tournaments in which the winners can take home a bag of a few million dollars.

Within all the content that has Lol, we can name the coins, such as diamonds in Free Fire, called Riot Points or RP which serve to buy exclusive content. These coins are so valuable that some people are looking to get them for free; here are some tips on how to generate them legally.

Tricks for generating Riot Points

While RPs are coins that you can usually get by paying for them, as they are the key to exclusive and paid content, there are three little tricks you can follow to try and get free RPs on Lol:

  1. Associate your social network accounts: One of the easiest ways to earn Riot Points is to associate your social network accounts with Lol, this way you’ll get a free RP bonus or reward, without any complicated hacking or cheating.
  2. Keep an eye out for events: Another basic trick to earning Riot Points is to participate in events and tournaments where these coins are the reward. The trick to getting free RP in Lol is to keep an eye on League of Legends forums and social networks to find out when these events and tournaments are coming up.

How do I get skins for League of Legends?

Some Differnts skins in league of legends

Another way to get free Skins for Lol is to participate in dynamics and contests. Although, maybe the best option is to buy skins using our RPs because this way we can choose the skins we like the most and buy them easily.

What can I use Riot Points on Lol?

As mentioned, RPs are the most important currency in Lol because it can help us access exclusive content. If you’re still not sure what you can buy, here’s a little more.

  • Skins: One of the most common uses is to buy a lot of skins with our RPs. However, you must consider that each model can have a different price being the most expensive the most exclusive, although there are also somewhat more accessible options that do not require so many Riot Points.
  • Boost: Sometimes you will need to boost the speed with which you gain level, for that there are some boost that allow you to increase x2 the amount of experience you gain per game. This is one of the fastest ways to rush accounts
  • Champions: Another use for RPs is to buy champions, the characters you play with in Lol. Having a lot of Riot Points will not only help you buy better champions, it will also serve to give you additional upgrades as mentioned in the previous point.

In conclusion: What is the fastest way to earn riot points?

Another quick way to win RP is to watch out for events and championships where there are RP prizes involved, so if we’re good at Lol we can get free RP while having fun competing with other players.

Finally, another option not so fast but effective can be to participate in contests and dynamics of YouTubers and Lol Blogs where they usually raffle RP. We do not recommend you to mess with Hacks as they can put your account at risk causing everything from suspensions or banning to account theft or virus infection of your device.

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