How to have a second monitor to play?

To have a greater field of vision while playing by having several windows open simultaneously, the second monitor is one of the most popular options today, especially if we spend long days of combat online, where accuracy is vital to survival.

How to configure the second monitor in your PC?

After choosing the monitor, we connect it to the video output of the graphic card. In a few seconds, the Windows operating system recognizes it automatically and asks us to install the drivers. If this does not happen, the accessory appears as generic Plug and Play.

If both models are from the same manufacturer, they use the same ICM profile, but if they are different, we must calibrate them separately to adjust the colors of the graphics. To configure it, we have to follow the following instructions.

  • Right click on the desktop, choose the option “Display Settings“.
  • Select “Identify” the monitors with a number.
  • In the drop-down menu “Resolution“, we indicate how many pixels we need. In this section, we can also configure what we want to see, screen clone, extended desktop, show only the first or the second monitor.
  • If we have a VRR technology device, by default Windows configures it with the vertical refresh rate of 60Hz. To increase this measure, we look for the “Advanced Display Settings” menu.
    We modify the refresh rate in “Properties of the adapter for the X screen“.
  • Click on “Monitor” to display the vertical refresh options.
  • We accept this new setting with “Apply” and “Ok“.

As for the video signal input, by default all graphics cards have at least one HDMI signal output, while most modern monitors include DisplayPort video outputs, which is recommended if we have VRR support in our new display.

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