How to make money with Streamings? 

As we know, streaming is a source of money in itself, just like e-sports and the entire industrial-technological complex that goes with it.

From players to sponsors, it is a machine for attracting consumers and subscribers with an unmatched capacity that saw a considerable increase under the pandemic. Live game streaming is simple, it’s a successful business in which many want to participate.

To those who are wondering how to make money with streaming, here we tell you.

Streaming as a way to monetize

For gamers and eSports fans, what moves the wheel of fortune are the views. That is to say, views are fundamental for the economic growth of the industry and this is achieved in several ways. We are going to describe them so that you know how and when to start monetizing your coolest plays.

The main thing is to know the steps to take to become famous and recognized as a streamer, that figure that elaborates, produces, uploads content of value or of great interest to a defined audience and that is then distributed on streaming platforms to attract subscribers. The steps to stream are as follows:

  • Have an efficient and uninterrupted Internet connection
  • Adapting a camera to the computer.
  • Download a program that allows you to stream your signal. It can be Streamlabs OBS.
  • Build your audience, work it and link to it.
  • Build a personal schedule that will allow you to focus on it.

These 5 points describe what you need to start monetizing, creating a list of followers who yearn to see your live plays, your analysis and with them generate the closeness necessary to transform them into loyal subscribers.

The main focus should be that they not only value your channel or the content you show, but you must become familiar with that audience.

It’s not all about playing games. In addition to views of esports competitions, streaming platforms became the most used source of entertainment under the pandemic and one of the few industries that increased its percentage of sales and subscribers in 2020.

A study by Smartme Analytics reflects that streaming has a penetration of 49.8% on the Internet and 42.2% in mobile apps across Spain.

Ways to monetize with streaming

ways to monetize with streaming

Getting into the subject, we tell you that to make money with streaming and make that income sustainable over time, you should consider a series of methods that include retransmission, attention and attraction of users and other content of value to your audience. The following are the main ways to monetize with streaming.

Subscribers: charging a percentage to each subscriber to access your content is the most used way to monetize with streaming videos. For this, you must have a lot of valuable content for your subscribers and above all do not let them get bored, because subscribers must be willing to pay for the content you upload to your channel.

This method also involves being very creative when offering a subscription, mainly because you must offer various benefits associated with that subscription, be it premium content or access to information of interest in videos of specific plays. The subscription can be offered weekly, biweekly or monthly with different prices.

Advertising: You will know that each streaming platform establishes limits and conditions for each channel so that its content can be monetized through advertising. This method of advertising in the live allows streamers to earn money in a simple way as long as they have a considerable amount of subscribers who consume their content and are waiting for their games.

Sponsors: are the right hand of every successful streamer or on the way to it. Creating content is often related to the promotion of brands in the same niche you promote. In the case of gamers, sponsors are an important ally to make themselves known and generate money with quality streaming.

Other types of income

Small donations: this mechanism works very well because people are free to donate money to the streamer. Obviously, if the content is of quality, you will have more chances to receive money.

Each platform establishes, as with advertising, its commissions and mechanisms to ensure that the streamer also does its part, such as persuading your subscribers to participate in the donation with the promotion of attractive gifts as a stimulus.

Generate traffic to other portals: Promoting visits to a certain page is a very usual way to generate extra income to your streaming channel.

It has several advantages, among which we highlight that it is a less invasive way for your subscribers. In addition, it will allow you to generate short, medium and long term business partnerships, also the possibility of experimenting with rewards that involve watching your channel to get prizes.

Sell the broadcasting rights: many portals, such as blogs or pages related to the gamer world, are interested in buying the broadcasting rights of the most recognized. With this you can earn money and give more publicity to the games.

Platforms to monetize your streaming

Streaming is a very current way to generate money. Just like youtubers or gamers dedicated to a channel, they get stable and sustained monthly income. It is a dedicated job that makes it possible for you to monetize only through the following platforms.

Twitch: It is the main platform for direct or streaming content worldwide. It has more than 4 million creators, is the most popular in the gamer world and focuses on competitions or gameplays. It will guide you at the beginning of your career as a streamer with many features for amateurs, as it has 17.5 million users.

To monetize on Twitch, you must affiliate to the partner system, subscribe to the affiliate program, receive donations from your subscribers or through monthly subscriptions, with an approximate payment per subscription of 3.5 euros. Your channel will receive 50?l amount paid by the subscriber when subscribing.

Bits are another monetization alternative on this streaming platform. It is aimed at partners and affiliates who, by purchasing gifs, accompany messages in chat conversations. This action translates into one euro cent earned for each bit used in the channel.

twitch logo

Facebook Gaming: this gaming application allows you, like Twitch, to stream your own gameplay and offers the ability to create your broadcasts. Overall, it is easy to use and has a simple interface that has 2.5 billion users.

In this case, you monetize by assigning stars to your streamer account, by your subscribers who give stars equivalent to $0.01 each. Users buy the stars for packs of 1.30 and 1.86 euros but first you must meet some requirements in the app to use all its add-ons.

To monetize on Facebook Gaming you must have a creator page, make live broadcasts at least 2 days a week, offer a minimum of 4 hours of broadcasting for 14 days in a row and have as a base 100 subscribers.

facebook gaming

Other apps for streaming

It’s a practical and fast-paced industry that demands speed to keep up with the latest trends in the gamer world. Look for platforms equipped to retransmit and make profitable the visits you receive in a similar way to Twitch or Facebook Gaming, accessible to all kinds of people. Some of these, we describe below.

YouTube: has a viewing capacity that rivals that of Twitch or Facebook Gaming with 2 billion active users worldwide. Given its infinite amount of video, it is one of the most sought after for streaming. This platform also gives you the possibility to monetize under a partner system or through affiliate marketing, sponsors and crowdfunding.

YouNow: this platform allows streaming transmissions and a greater interaction with users in real time. Here you do not have to worry about advertising and it is also open to the search for talent, it is not only for the streamer world. Its way to generate extra income is through gifts you receive from your audience.

Mixer: is another platform for gamers integrated to Xbox One. It has a very well equipped live streaming system. The most popular ways to monetize are stickers that you receive from your subscribers that you can exchange for real money. There are also paid subscriptions or you can charge a percentage of sales of sponsored games.

Monetizing with what you are passionate about does not compete with anything. Not only will it make you happier, but you can develop your skills in what you love to do.

The eSports industry is lost on the horizon and in Spain it is positioned with unquestionable profitability. So focus, you already know how to take advantage of the advantages to generate money by streaming that the sector offers you. It is an opportunity you can not miss.

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