How to make money with youtube videos by being a gamer?

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for video, but it also draws attention to how it allows its users to make money from the content they share online. If you are a video game lover and want to increase your income by doing what you love best, the content of this publication will be very useful.

Steps to make money as a YouTube gamer

The steps you must follow to succeed on this popular platform are as follows:

  • Define your topic: gamers like all games, but the content you display on your channel must be powerful and useful. Define what you want to do and if you will specialize in reviews, tutorials, gameplays, among other areas. By defining the topic, the following will be easier.
  • Establish alliances: allying yourself with users who are even more popular than you is what will help you move forward in the world of video games. Meet other users and record a video that features both of you. As a result, you will most likely get more subscribers.
  • Monetize your account: in order to generate income you have to monetize your account. To do this, you can use Truvid, one of the most popular platforms at the moment.
  • Socialize: Maintaining a close relationship with the people who take time to send you a message or comment is very important. Be nice and you can even mention some of them in your videos. This way they will know that you are aware of them and that you care about what they write.
  • Register on other platforms: to have a wider audience you must be on other social networks. Register and share new content according to your schedule. It is also fundamental that when you make the videos you share with your users on those platforms so that they can contact you and thus increase your followers.
  • Call to Action: Your videos should always include a call to action, either to invite them to subscribe or to comment on what they liked best about the video.
  • Be original: the more authentic you are, the more followers you will have. Remember that this is something they will notice from the first video, so be yourself!

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