How to record for a gaming channel?

The transmissions of video games on YouTube or Twitch accumulate millions of daily visits. Also known as gameplays, they are a window to share your tricks, skills and abilities in a game. Doing so, contrary to what you think, is easier than you think.

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How to record gameplays?

The process to record your own gameplays will depend on the platform you use to play. If you use a PC, you only have to update the last version of Windows and start a screen recording from the game bar. You can do it by executing the command WIN + G.

In case the option to record is not available in your system version, you can choose extensions like or programs like Monosnap, Bandicam and VClip (among others). Choose OBS Studio if you also want to edit your recordings professionally.

If on the contrary you are a smartphone gamer, the Google Play Games app allows you to record games from an extensive catalog of compatible titles. If the game is not compatible with the app, you can use AZ Screen Recorder, a free tool that allows you to capture videos in Full HD.

The major video game systems from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo allow you to record games directly. You can still use external capturers such as AVerMedia Live Gamer or Elgato Game Capture models.

Finally, remember that you can make live broadcasts from YouTube Gaming and Twitch. At this moment, Twitch is your best option, since it is the preferred platform for professional and amateur gamers.

At the time of recording you can choose two options: transmit only the screen or add an extra camera to also capture your face with the reactions. It all depends on your style and the level of interaction you want to have with the audience. If you are just starting out, it is best to make recordings only of the games.

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