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How to summon the First Boss Eikthyr at Valheim?

If you are looking for how to summon the first Boss of the game Valheim, Eikthyr,  we show you how to do it easily. But before you go after the boss and hunt it down, you’ll need to have a decent set of equipment.

What do you need?

Our recommendation is that you carry this equipment in order to put up a worthy fight.

  • Rag Pants: Leather scraps x5
  • Rag Tunic: Leather scraps x5
  • Crude Bow: Wood x10 and Leather scraps x8
  • x100 Arrow: Wood x8 for 20

Now of items needed to summon the boss:

deer trophy for summoning eikthyr

  • x2 Deer trophy



Before fighting the boss we recommend that you have at least eaten and have enough health. It’s recommenden to eat 1 cookead meat, 1 grilled neck tail and 1 strawberry)

Where to summon the Eikthyr?

Be prepared to use the Bow and be at a good distance. Their attacks are not very strong but it is better to shoot from a distance.

Go to the Mystical altar and offer the 2 Deer trophies.

Mystical altar

How to fight against Eikthyr?

Start shooting with the bow from the beginning, it is relatively easy to kill him because his attacks are not very strong. Take advantage of the terrain so that when he uses his lightning it doesn’t hit you.

In a few minutes you will have finished with him without difficulty, just kite him and keep shooting.

Here is a video if you want to see it.

What will you get after killing Eikthyr?

Once you have finished with Eikthyr, you will get 3 things:

  • x1 Eikthyr trophy
  • x3 Hard antler (This material is used for mining stone, Cooper and tin!)
  • Forsaken Power (You will get this power with which you will not get so exhausted when running and jumping. Lasts 5 min with 20 min cooldown)

Once you have killed this boss, the boars and necks will stop attacking you when you move past it.

What to do after killing eikthyr

The next step will be to leave the Eikthyr trophy on the sacrificial stone.

Place the trophy right on the sacrificial stone hook.

Place the trophy right on the sacrificial stone chain.

Once you have the power active, it will be time to search for tin and copper.

All of this ores you will find in the black forest, so be prepared to fight against new monsters (trolls and skeletons), also other greydwarfs of greater power.

See the guide for the second boss of Valheim the Elder.