How to win Skins for free at Fortnite?

In Fortnite there are lots of “skins” or costumes that you can get for your characters. Each suit makes you look special and the game is not so monotonous, but to get these skins, you must spend bucks or V coins that are normally paid with real money, but in this article we’ll show you how to get free suits without paying too much.

Special events by country or community

On many occasions Epic Games tends to promote certain countries and give a boost to these communities with the launch of free skins.

Normally you’ll find it as soon as you enter the game, although they usually notify you when a new skin comes out in some region, so in this way, you can get a free skin without paying anything.

This point is usually uncommon but it is useful to keep it in mind. The only bad thing is that all players will have the same skins and you won’t be able to distinguish between enemies.

Battle Pass

Battle pass fortnite skins

No doubt the way to get skins in the most fun way because you will have to do missions and climb levels like a crazy man.

As a general rule when you buy a battle pass you won’t have to pay real money again because the bucks you get in it, already pay for the next seasons.

PS Plus

Ps Plus for skins fortnite

Generally to provide the game in their consoles, what Sony does is launch reward packages with skins, so if you are a PS4 player and have PS Plus, there you can receive many rewards in the form of suits.

Remember that if you have the account on PC you can also synchronize it with Playstation and take the rewards on your PC in the same way.

As we have commented before with the packages that include by communities, it is possible that in your country they do not deliver a skin in Playstation Plus, many times it is a matter of luck.

Do you have any other method? We’d love to know!

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