Why you’re iron in your League of Legends placements

Many people ask us this question and we’ll tell you why you just landed in iron if you’ve won most of your 10 placement games. But don’t worry because if you deserve it, you’ll quickly be climbing the league of legends.

The mmr is the key to your future positioning

In order to know your competitive level, you must play 10 ranked games to decide your starting score in the competitive League of Legends.

But the secret is in the MMR and not the league you’ve been placed in, because the MMR (MatchMaking Rating) is the hidden “rank” you have as a player. If you earn 10 out of 10, you will have more MMR than most Iron players and therefore, for every win you will earn many more LPs than any regular Iron.

Iron mmr in league of legends

How does the algorithm evaluate the MMR at the beginning?

Unlike other games, League of legends does not rely on game scores, only the final result for this reason, it is sometimes unfair to have to take the “role” of the person who wins the game. These are the 3 main points that the algorithm has to calculate your position in different MMR:

  1. Number of wins you’ve had during the 10 game placement
  2. The league your opponents were in
  3. For players who had finished in much higher leagues in the previous season, it adds many league points directly
Did you know that with a very high MMR, you can often go from Silver 4 to Silver 2 by winning promotional games? Even if you keep winning you’ll advance even faster to the MMR you deserve

Some questions players ask themselves

I kill the most but I can’t get out of Iron

League of legends is not an individual game and therefore the only thing that matters is victory to ascend and defeat to descend. What you have to do is always lead your team to victory.

Why do the pros never finish the placements in the iron league?

As we mentioned before, the secret is in the previous season. If you finish in Diamonds, it is likely that for the next placement of the next season you will be in Gold 1 minimum.

So how do I improve my MMR?

By winning, obvious answer, right? The best thing is that you choose a role that you feel comfortable in, play the champions that are strongest at the moment https://mobalytics.gg/blog/lol-tier-list-for-climbing-solo-queue/ and try not to play different roles. Specialize in a particular role and see how you climb.

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