Magnet Simulator Codes (Roblox) March 2021

Updated: February 25, 2021
Code collection for Magnet Simulator, discover the large amount of code you can use and get much more benefit from the game. Redeem all these codes that we have updated in the list for you.

Valid and updated codes

Code Reward
doubleyourmoneyagain x2 money (requires joining the Magnet League)
newestupdate 25 tokens
iloveyouall 10,000 cash
theusualcash 25,000 cash
happystpatricks 2,500 clovers
update27 50 tokens
christmaspresent $10,000
doubleyourmoneyREPEAT x2 money (requires joining the Magnet League)
christmascash $20,000
update26 50 tokens
doubleyourmoney x2 money (requires joining the Magnet League)
update25cash $10,000
freemoolah $5,000
update25 50 rebirth tokens
morefreecandy 250 candy
update24 50 rebirth tokens
evenmorespookymoney $15,000
morespookymoney $30,000
freecandy 250 candy
update23 100 rebirth tokens
halloweencash $20,000
update22 100 rebirth tokens
makeitrain $7,550
update21 50 rebirth tokens
morefreecash $5,250
update20 150 rebirth tokens
update19 100 rebirth tokens
somefreecash $7,500
update18 500 rebirth tokens
UPDATE4 1 Rebirth
B3TA $2,5B
Y0tube $12,000
R3L34S3 $2,500
UPDATE5 25 Rebirth Tokens
HAVEFUN $15,000
UPDATE6 250 Rebirth Tokens
grouppet Magnet Pet, but you have to join Magnet League
sub2squable SquableYT’s Korblox Egg
Sub2Telanthric Not active yet, but try in a few days
bigstacks $15,000
sub2snug Snugs’ Magma Egg
robzi Robzi’s Ninja Egg
russo Russo’s Ninja Egg
cookies Cookies’ Ninja Egg
sub2itsmatty Matty’s Magma Egg
ica2003yt Cookies’ Magma Egg
update17 500 rebirth tokens
startermoney $25,000
discordcode Golden Dominus Pet

Space Event Codes

Code Reward
freespacetokens 250 space tokens (requires joining the Magnet League)
groupspacetokens 325 space tokens (requires joining the Magnet League)
spaceishere Hatch Space Egg (requires joining the Magnet League)

How to redeem these codes?

In order to redeem these codes you will have to access the Main Menu:

  1. Click on put Codes
  2. Enter one of the codes that are active
  3. Finally click on Redeem and enjoy your reward.

Codes on magnet simulator

Want more codes?

To get the codes we recommend that you visit the game creator’s official Twitter.

Have you detected any code that is not currently working? Leave it in the comment box so we can review it and update the list.

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