How to make the transition from good player to professional?

Playing professionally is the dream of millions of gamers. Doing so is not easy, since only the best get to make a living behind a controller. If you think you have what it takes, the following guide can be a great help.

How to become a professional gamer

Constancy, discipline and patience are just some of the attributes you should have on your way to professionalism. The steps to reach the elite are the following:

  1. Choose a specific game and stand out in it: it doesn’t matter if it’s a consolidated or emerging title, you must choose a specific one (the one where you stand out the most) and focus 100% on it. Remember: the goal is to be the best in your region, country or continent at the time of execution.
  2. Train every day: even professional gamers, once they have reached the elite level, train between 4 and 8 hours a day. Some even do it for 12 hours, since consistency is the only trick to improve skills in the game.
  3. Share with the community: create a channel on YouTube and Twitch and start making your transmissions when you think your level is above conventional. Also share on social networks with other gamers and start approaching professional players of your level.
  4. Compete online: afterwards, you must compete in online tournaments, both national and global. As you win smaller tournaments, you will attract attention and be invited to compete with other gamers.

If you really stand out in the game, it shouldn’t take long to get a sponsorship or a professional team to include you in their roster. This is only restricted to the best gamers. Remember that today there are more than 3 billion of them worldwide, so you must work hard to get them.

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