Methods to get Robux for free at Roblox

The Robux (R$) is the official trading currency with which you can buy various accessories for your character and do much more in the fantastic Roblox game. We want to help you learn how to win Robux in a simple way and without having to spend money on it. Do you want to see it? Let’s do it!

🥇 Free methods to win Robux

If you want to win Robux for free, think that just with a button you can’t win it, you’ll have to work it somehow. For this reason there are pages which by means of micro work, you can earn enough money to buy Robux.

The methods that exist are:

#1 – Google opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards for robux

One of the most legal apps you’ll find simply because it belongs to Google. The secret of this app is that you must answer the surveys that the APP will ask you, this will guarantee you an amount of $ for each survey conducted, usually you will get a few weekly, so you can get enough money if you are constant.

This is definitely our favorite method of generating money to buy Robux. You can see more information about this app:

Several people have told us that they are using this method to obtain Robux in a simple way and that they do not need anything else.

#2 – Gamehag

Play games for real cash

Another method we recommend is undoubtedly Gamehag. The key for this app is that you can play and earn money, the only thing you will have to do is to perform certain actions in order to get these gifts.

The first thing is that you will win Gems not money directly, which you will be able to exchange for money in Play Store cards. This method is widely used for those gamers who like to play whatever the game is. We have used it a couple of times and it works very well, but you will have to play a lot.

#3 – Robux Affiliates

Without a doubt, the affiliates’ is another of the most common ways to get Robux for free.

The key is to share your affiliate ID that you will get in the affiliate control panel and there, every time one of your affiliates makes a transaction, you will get Robux from the other player, he won’t even know he gave you 5% of what he got!

We love this method and that’s why we try to talk our friends into coming to play Roblox with our affiliate ID.

#4 – Promo codes

Use Roblox promo codes to win accessories, as easy and simple as it sounds. Sometimes you will find surprises when redeeming these codes, so please visit our post about Roblox promo codes. There are a lot of codes we’re updating, I’m sure you’ll be interested.

With the promo codes you will find all kinds of varied accessories, starting from soccer balls to unique items that you can’t get any other way and all this for free.

Where do we recommend spending these Robux?

One of the coolest ways to spend Robux is by creating a group so you can connect with your friends in the best possible way, playing Roblox in the same group, plus with more Robux you can do more things for your group like create new ranks.

Some map or game developers, in order to allow you to have access to their games, will ask you for a small commission to be able to access their fun map, for this you can spend the minimum to access a game and have fun in a different way than before. Usually these payments are one-time only.

Did you know that with 1,000 Robux you can change your user name?

Obviously we all want Robux to spend on clothes, accessories, game creation, but there are many ways to get R$ for free if you follow the free methods we have shown you!

#5 – Rocash

Rocash is a platform that allows you to generate Robux in a totally free way, the only thing you will have to do is small actions, from answering some questionnaires to watching certain ads, thanks to these small actions you will be able to get a good bounty of Robux.
We have also created a list where you can see some free codes that allow you to redeem for Robux. Look at the list here.

What about the hacks to get Robux?

As a general rule, it’s all a lie, you will always have to perform actions because money is not given away by anyone, unless you are the creator and give your players some items with promo codes.

So if you see someone giving you Robux with these excuses, don’t pay attention, they just want to hack your account:

  • Free Robux without human verification
  • Robux generator Free
  • Unlimited Robux

Remember that the only way to earn R$ is with effort or with real money, obviously.

If you know any more, we’d like you to leave it in the comment box to share it with others.

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