why are macs not good to play with

Why are MACs not good to play with?

Apple computers have always been a reference in terms of design, style and program optimization. In the gaming world, however, they are displaced by Windows computers. Why is this? Is it true that all gamers […]

Chinese gamers on mobile

Why are mobile video games successful in China?

Mobile videogames have been the great breakthrough of the industry in the last 10 years. Although the trend of smartphone gamers has been maintained in all countries, China shows record figures compared to others. China […]

Gaming injury

How not to get injured playing video games?

The world of video games has evolved so much that it has gone to a higher level contemplating professional categories, where experienced gamers are measured in international competitions such as eSports. However, many of these […]

how to record for a gaming channel

How to record for a gaming channel?

The transmissions of video games on YouTube or Twitch accumulate millions of daily visits. Also known as gameplays, they are a window to share your tricks, skills and abilities in a game. Doing so, contrary […]

How to rest you eyes during the games

How to rest your eyes during the games?

There is nothing more fun than spending hours at a time playing with our favorite characters, whether on a console, on the computer or even on a mobile device, time always flies by. But have […]

How to find a team for your game

How to find a team for your game?

The world of video games is giving a lot to talk about, not only by the amount of new titles that are appearing but by the increase of people who play them. Therefore, one of […]

Gaming marathon

How to prepare for a gaming marathon?

Hours and hours in front of the console or PC is for many gamers the greatest pleasure they can experience with friends or acquaintances around the world. If this is the first time you face […]