Prision Showdown Codes (Roblox) – January 2021

Updated: December 6, 2020

Do you love Roblox and the Prison Showdown game in particular?

We have collected all the existing codes for the Prison Showdown game in which you can get some advantages that you otherwise could not. Redeem the prizes now before they expire and you can’t get them anymore!

How to redeem the codes?

It’s really very simple, just follow these steps to redeem the codes:

  • Go to the left side of the game and click on “Menu”
  • Once in the new tab click on CODES
  • Enter one of the codes below
  • Enjoy!

Redeem the codes with the button

List of Updated codes

We’ll be putting all the codes here, both the expired ones and the new ones. Keep an eye out if you want to receive the codes before they expire!

Active Codes

  • DAY1GUNDOE: Redeem the code and get the weapon Day1 Gun
  • DAY1KN1FE: Redeem the code and get the weapon Day1 Knife

Expired Codes

There’s no expired code so yet. As soon as they expire, we’ll let you know by adding them to this list. Let’s hope you can redeem all the codes before they expire.

How can I get more codes?

If you want to get the codes before anyone else, you should check the following Youtube channel (Polarized) and Twitter (splatstudios, encodedlua). These users are the creators of the game and therefore they will indicate when they publish new codes.

Do you find any codes missing? You can leave it in the comment box and we will update it!

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