How to remove the lag in Roblox

Since its official launch in 2006, Roblox has become one of the most fun multiplayer platforms on the market. With millions of active players and a good compatibility spectrum, there are few complaints from those who spend hours a day lost in virtual worlds.

One of the exceptions, however, is the delay that can be generated at the moment of executing a game. In view of this, here we list a couple of things you can implement to reduce it.

What is lag and what are its causes?

In lag is the feeling of delay, slowness or “stuttering” that occurs, in most cases, when errors occur in communication with the server.

In other contexts, this is usually perceived with low latency, but in the case of video games, due to the development of actions, it is usually very marked to the point that can significantly disrupt the flow and generate discomfort in the gamers.

There are many causes that can generate this condition, but the main one is the inconvenience with the connection. If this is the case, it is usually related to the pig (the time it takes to send and receive data).

Other possible causes are the location of the game servers, the parallel execution of other programs that consume the bandwidth, the number of people connected to the network and the hardware resources of the device where the game is running.

How to eliminate the lag in Roblox

In the specific case of the lag in Roblox, there are some elements that may be interrupting the flow of your game. Following the developer’s own recommendations, you can try the following:

  • Reduce the graphics level: which can be done in the menu by changing the graphics playback option from Automatic to Manual. After this, you will decrease the level of these so that the computer can process them more quickly and smoothly.
  • The secondary programs: running secondary programs (in the background) can cause both bandwidth consumption and the consumption of the computer (or device where Roblox is running) resources. To remedy this, the programs/applications should be closed before starting a game.
  • Place the modem in a closer location: or you can also choose to connect the computer directly to the Ethernet port in case you are playing from a computer. Make sure that there are not too many devices connected to the network that cause the connection speed to decrease.
  • Improve your computer’s specifications: if this doesn’t work, you can choose to improve your computer’s hardware qualities. You can update the graphics card or expand the RAM to make it more powerful when processing game settings.

These are the 4 most useful tasks you can do to remove lag in Roblox, although it is possible that it still occurs depending on the methods that implement certain players.

This is known as lag switching and occurs when gamers deliberately create spam to take advantage of their opponents. This type of practice is prohibited on the platform and can lead to expulsion.

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