All listed codes for Build a Boat for Treasure (Roblox) October 2020

Updated: October 7, 2020

Are you looking for a way to win a few prizes for Roblox and haven’t redeemed any codes yet? Well, you have just arrived at the right website, we have compiled a series of codes that will allow you to get new items and money, look what they are!

Valid and updated codes

Remember that these codes end up expiring with time, so be very quick to redeem them, don’t wait!

  • voted code: If you redeem this reward code you will get some free blocks
  • Hi: If you redeem this reward code you will get 5 Gold
  • Lurking Code: If you redeem this reward code you will get 10x Balloons, 5x Super Fireworks, 1x Portal Block
  • Squid Army: If you redeem this reward code you will get 22x Ice, 22x Gold

How to redeem these codes?

To be able to redeem the codes you must go to the settings wheel and scroll down which is where you will find the way to redeem these codes.

Where to redeem the codes

Then you enter the codes we have put above and give it to redeem, as simple as this.

Expired Codes

These codes do not work, you can try but we have already reported users who stopped working.

  • =D
  • =P
  • Big F00t Print
  • The Sasquatch?
  • Fireworks
  • 2M members
  • Hatched code
  • Happy Easter
  • The Yeti
  • Cold Feet
  • 500M Visits
  • Veterans Day

Do you have a new code and want us to add it to the list? Leave it in the comment box and we’ll put it on the list when we see it! 🙂

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