Soul Knight Codes

To advance through the exciting world of epic battles against aliens in Soul Knight, we use codes exchangeable for seeds and gems on our way to the magic stone. We show you which codes are updated and valid this season.

We must click on the padlock in the main menu of the apk on Android to request the rewards only once because the system does not allow us to use the same codes again.

New Soul Knight codes

In order to advance levels in the popular video game, we need gems. Below, we show you the codes that are currently in effect.

  • imobsessiont. 1888 gems.
  • sunforget. 1111 gems.
  • DESTLAD. 1111 gems.
  • 18NTDRO. 1010 gems.
  • 2thaniv. 1000 gems.
  • 6KKNTQE. 1000 gems.
  • F9z3ha1sun. 1000 gems.
  • 19newyear. 999 gems.
  • SKBACK. 999 gems.
  • NEWHALL. 999 gems.
  • DRUID. 999 gems.
  • Willbeby. 888 gems.
  • Tdy8et. 888 gems
  • SFESTIV. 888 gems.
  • GDX6KK. 888 gems.
  • NDAYSK. 800 gems.
  • ROMMO. 800 gems.
  • LWYXZYBGX. 800 gems.
  • 70years. 777 gems.
  • Cgdth. 700 gems.
  • BYETIGER. 777 gems.
  • Frbk1. 666 gems.
  • SFXMAS2017. 666 gems.
  • GOSDAD. 666 gems.
  • KLWYX. 666 gems.
  • VDAYKLE. 600 gems.
  • Siont74scj. 600 gems.
  • DXGTM. 600 gems.
  • QDKYS. 577 gems.
  • 100000. 500 gems.
  • SKGIFT. 500 gems.
  • DUOSHOU. 500 gems.
  • XNYDJ. 500 gems.
  • ZSDHMK. 500 gems.
  • SKNIGHT. 488 gems.
  • HMBSJ. 369 gems.
  • DCDYX. 333 gems.

Also, we can write codes that allow us to obtain other types of rewards.

  • Junquera. 3 fertilizers.
  • Bigmouth. Fertilizer, titan ring and 500 gems.
  • En3fkzget. 5 iron stones, 5 wood and 1888 gems.
  • Gestpwierd. Ironstone, wood and 888 gems.
  • nerd7Z. 3 iron stones, 3 wood and 1288 gems.
  • irobot. 5 parts, 5 batteries and 515 gems.
  • bu3YcN. Gold.
  • SUPER5. 666 gems and 3 free trials.
  • C21mKo. Increased attack damage.
  • JipxQl. Unlock new locations.
  • PLsW6a. Play offline.
  • VE2Xzx. Restoration of the character’s life.
  • u92SbI. Unlock all weapons.
  • QPjKnR. Energy and infinite ammo.

How to redeem Soul Knight codes

To exchange the codes for gems and rewards in the Soul Knight game, we must enter the apk on our phone and follow the instructions below.

In the left bar of the screen, we select the padlock icon.
The Gift Code window appears, in which the keyboard appears to type the codes. It is important to respect the upper and lower case letters.
Press the check symbol
Immediately, the prize appears in the game.
Some programs that emulate the game on the PC do not support these codes, so we must check which are the promo codes for those systems. We remind you that we can only use them once.

Expired codes

If we change the date on our cell phone to 2017, it is possible to activate these codes.

  • 51KUAILE. 1000 gems.
  • DZBKQ. 888 gems.
  • LBLGYB. 1000 gems.
  • SQSHBB. 500 gems.
  • LTZJR. 666 gems.
  • ZIJIREN. 666 gems.

This season, we are ready with the new January 2021 codes to get gems in our Soul Knight missions. Every time we advance in levels, we can earn weapons, fertilizers, pets and gold in the most popular rogue-like genre title.

Our enemies vary according to the type of location. We can find miners and snow monkeys in the jungle, statues in the relics, knights in the medieval world, skeletons in the underworld, and so on. We defeat all of them with the help of powerful weapons, unlocking them with special codes.

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