Unboxing Simulator codes (Roblox) December 2020

Updated: November 14, 2020

Are you looking for updated code for the Roblox Unboxing simulator game? We have all the updated codes that you can use to redeem for all the rewards these codes provide.

Valid and updated codes

Code Reward
LavaLauncher Some boost
PumpkinSmasher 1 hour +100% damage boost
200K Egg boost
DailyLogin Some free Coins
Abilities Hat boost
Cheroso Free Coins
I JustWantedIceCream Reward
unboxmilo Box boost
TheUltimateSuperDuperCoinCode Free Coins
Slime Free Gems
MadeYouLook Free Gems
ThnxCya Free Gems
BoxSquad Free Gems
Kelogish Free Gems
Russo Free Gems
TeraBrite Free Gems
Bofishe Free Gems
GravyCatMan Free Gems
Clans Box boost
1year Hat boost
BianoBetero Egg boost
EmirKartalBoost +50% Damage
Sub2Telanthric +50% Damage
R1zz +50% Damage
Def1ldPlaysBoost +50% Damage
Pengi +50% Damage
EUAMooGodenot +50% Damage
RHGameOn! +50% Damage
MitosDoDuduBetero +50% Damage
CrazyTurasBoost +50% Damage
PenguinSquad +50% Damage
Sub2deeter +50% Damage
BanjoBoost +50% Damage
TrustGoneUP +50% Damage
SnugLife +50% Damage
M3lihKard3s +50% Damage
SDMittens404 +50% Damage
Expe11ez +50% Damage
Z0mbie&dvboost +50% Damage
TGSquad +50% Damage
NinjaRobzi +50% Damage
UnicornSophia +50% Damage

How to redeem these codes?

To open the code tab simply go to your profile and this tab will open:

How to redeem codes on unboxing simulator

  1. Enter the updated codes
  2. Click on CLAIM
  3. Enjoy your new advantages and boost

And this is all what you thought of these codes? Do you think there are any outdated ones? We would love to know what they are so we can remove them from the list.

Want more codes?

Usually the creators of the game show the codes in their official Twitter, so we recommend you to follow this user to get all the codes before us 🙂

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