Valheim: How to summon and defeat the elder?

Surely you will have been able to finish with relative ease with the first Boss Eikthyr. But for the second boss it gets a lot more complicated and this is where we are going to give you some tips that will help you to summon him and get his trophy and the Swamp Key of course :).

How to find the boss location?

the elder valheim

You will find the second Boss of Valheim using the runestones that you will find in the black forest, the location does not always appear at the first time but if you go searching you will find a mark appears on your minimap with the location.

It is quite probably that once you have the location, you will need to travel by boat to the area, so be very prepared to fight all kinds of dangers.

Preparing for battle

For this boss you will need much more than the previous one as it is recommended that you go with full Troll equipment, the bow upgraded to level 4 and at least as much food as you can carry.

Troll equipment is much better than bronze because it is really easy to do with a few visits to the black forest.

Some things you will need:

  • x3 Ancient seed for the invocation at the altar
  • x200 Fire Arrows
  • Finewood Bow or Upgraded crude bow
  • Quite a lot of food

It is highly recommended to make a portal if you are in a team to quickly recover the equipment and fight again.

How to fight against the elder?

The boss has 3 different attacks:

  • A close range stomp, as well as the Troll does a lot of melee damage and it is in area
  • Ranged attack with brambles. This attack is the one you will have to cover yourself. Also this attack is very powerful and destroys trees and rocks so you will have to move around.
  • The third attack is the roots summon. This will do a lot of damage if you are close to them, so avoid combat near these Roots.

If you want to fight him in a “legal” way, you will have the option of running and shooting with the fire arrows, hiding from brambles at a distance and avoiding melee combat. This boss has 2500 health so it will be a long battle, play it with head and calm.

Use the fire damage as advantatge from the fire arrows to take cover to your next position. Do not shoot constantly and waste your stamina.

Although there are also strategies like the one that the youtuber ESO. We recommend you watch it so you can get some ideas for when you go to face the older.

Drops and the Forsaken Power

The rewards of this boss:

  • A key to access the swamp (swamp key), where a whole new area with new items and monsters awaits you.
  • The elder trophy, this will allow you to cut the trees much faster when you activate it with “F”. Remember to leave the elder’s trophy on his sacrificial stone.
  • Also with the death of the boss the Greydwarfs will stop chasing you to your base. You will also have the opportunity to fight the 3d boss bonemass.

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