All listed codes for Vehicle Legends (Roblox) January 2021

Updated: January 16, 2021

Do you love the game Vehicle Legends and want to earn some cash within the game? We have made a compilation of codes that are working in the game and that will allow you to boost your in-game wallet.

Valid and updated codes

These are the codes that are currently running on Vehicle Legends. Remember to redeem them before they expire so hurry up and don’t lose the amount of cash these codes can give you.

All the codes you enter are Case Sensitive!

  • CodesReturned: Redeem this code for free Cash

*Codes can only be used once*

Vehicle Legends Codes

These are the codes that are not currently operational:

  • NewMapCode: If you redeem this reward code you will get some free cash (New!)
  • 8DigitsOfVisits: If you redeem this reward code you will get $35,000 cash
  • Turbocharged: If you redeem this reward code you will get  $40,000 cash
  • 25MVisitsIsNice: If you redeem this reward code you will get a bunch of cash

How to redeem these codes?

You will find the option in the right corner of the game with a Twitter icon. Click there and a tab will open where you simply have to enter the valid codes you have seen before.

how to redeem codes on vehicle legends

How can I get more codes?

In most Roblox games, the creators leave the codes in their Twitter because it is their medium with which they can transmit to their followers all the updates of the game and in this case, you will find the creator’s Twitter here: @Phoninian

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