What are the best times to stream?

Undoubtedly, it is during the hours when your audience is online that you should take advantage of the time to do your streaming. YouTube has the tools that allow you to be aware of the behavior of subscribers and when they reach the highest peaks of presence in that video platform.

In this way, it is possible to ensure the participation of a large percentage of followers you have on your channel. However, the possibility of them staying connected depends on the quality of the content you present to your audience.

Find out when there is a larger audience for a live broadcast

YouTube Studio shows user trends that allow you to get to know them a little better and establish the right moment to capture their attention.

Once you access your channel, you must click on your photo to display several options. Click on YouTube Studio and click again on the Statistics option, which appears in the right column, under Lists. Once there, you must select Audience.

There you go down to the statistics it indicates: Hours of activity of your viewers on YouTube. This is a graph in various shades of purple, which tells you the day and time of greatest attendance of users of the social network. The more intense the color becomes, the more users will have stayed at those hours.

Logically, this would be the key moment to stream, connect with your followers and attract new followers. It is a system that ratifies a trend that experienced youtubers already knew: the continuous broadcasts are made from 18:00 hours. Generally this time applies to all of Europe, although it does not necessarily mean that your audience is connected to your channel at that time.

The morning option is not out of place

Another aspect to consider is competition. Many people will try to capture the largest number of followers at peak traffic times. From there you can do a little more intensive reading of the YouTube tools and perhaps opt for an early audience.

For example, early in the morning there are also good connection numbers.

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