What is Keyboard ghosting and how to solve it?

Keyboard Ghosting, popularly known as keylock, is the phenomenon that occurs when a conventional keyboard experiences a communication error with the computer when pressing certain keys.

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What is ghosting?

In the gaming world a keyboard is considered to be ghosting when 6 keys cannot be pressed at the same time. This of course is just a reference, as communication errors can be experienced when pressing 4 keys that belong to the same switching matrix.

At this point, you should know that on conventional keyboards the keys do not have autonomy.

Instead, they are included in a switching matrix that takes into account lines and columns. When several keys that are part of the same line or column are pressed, the system cannot interpret them and that is when the key lock is presented.

When this happens, several things can happen, although normally the keyboard does not recognize any key in the entered command or it does not recognize any key at all and it locks for a second. As expected, this can be very annoying when running some titles, especially if two gamers play with the same keyboard.

The solution to this is to buy an anti-ghosting keyboard, which can have partial or total key autonomy.

Of course, they are a little more expensive than conventional ones, although in practice they are the best for players who want more freedom of execution. Most of them also use a mechanical system as a substitute for the traditional membrane.

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