What is OBS and why do you need it for your Streams?

When we are just starting to get into the world of live streams for gamers, we will come across new terms and tools that, without knowing it, will start to become part of our day-to-day, especially if we have in mind to forge a reputation on our favorite platforms like Twitch or Facebook Gamer.

One of them is OBS, an indispensable streaming software for our streams. But what does it really do and how does it work? Here we will learn more about this program and how we can take full advantage of it for our streams.

What is OBS Studio and how does it work?

It is a software or application used to record video and audio that will be broadcast over the Internet.

It is a project developed by OBS Project and is open source, which offers you several benefits. For example, it is usually updated all the time and there is a minimum of bugs. In addition, it is free, so there is no need to make an investment for us to start making streams like pros.

Due to the characteristics of its development, it is possible to make video captures in real time. That is, it encodes, records and retransmits.

It works through a real-time message protocol, known as RTMP for its acronym in English. This means that it can transmit to any platform that works with this protocol. Some of them are YouTube, Twitch, DailyMotion, among others.

Also, it is one of the most used because it has a simple interface and it is very easy to configure for game screenshots.

Benefits of using OBS Studio for your streams

  • To begin with, although it is free, it is of great quality. So much so that it can enhance our content to the maximum.
  • It has a great amount of transitions and effects that will give color to our transmissions or recordings in general.
  • It is available on the best gaming platformsamong which we highlight YouTube Gaming, Twitch and Hitbox.
  • It is constantly updated, so bugs are minimal and new features are included.
  • It has a plugin library that allows you to add cool features, such as the opportunity to adapt audio and video inputs not originally supported.
  • It is available in 41 different languages, although it is originally installed in English.

How to install this software

how to install this software

First we must download it. We will do it easily from the obsproject.com website. Here is a list of files available for download according to the specifications of our PC and operating system.

Select the one we need and click download. Once the files are ready, select the file to install. This part is not so difficult, it is only necessary to follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

When finished, the program will open and we can explore it a little, we will see the transitions menu, effects, the management panel and more. But, to begin using it to stream games it is important to configure the source. This section is located in the configuration menu, we will select “capture game” or capture game.

How to start streaming with OBS Studio

It is also important to configure our account on the platform to start streaming with OBS Studio. Within the software, we will select a streaming service that will be our favorite gaming platform, such as Twitch, within the “stream” menu under settings.

Next, we will go to our Twitch account to enter the “stream preferences” section in settings.

Once there we will have the possibility to request the display of a stream key or “stream key” that we will use to connect our account with the software. Accept the conditions and copy the code. Afterwards, we paste it in the same “stream” menu in the software where we add Twitch.

And ready, when we click on start streaming it will start broadcasting on our Twitch account.

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