What to buy: PS5 or Xbox Series S?

The PS5 or Xbox Series S consoles feature such innovations that make it difficult to choose when purchasing one.

With the intention of making your choice easier, we offer you a breakdown of the aspects that we consider most important and so you will have a clearer idea about which one to buy, whether the PS5 or the Xbox Series S.

In terms of investment, the PS5 is priced at €400, while its counterpart the Xbox Series S costs around €300. In addition to the price difference, there are other interesting aspects that we will expose you next.

Dimensions of the PS5 vs the Xbox Series S

The dimensions of the consoles could be considered minuscule in the face of the quantity and quality of the games that both companies offer. However, it is an aspect that you should take into account, since for the gaming experience to be as comfortable as possible, you must have an ideal space, especially in the case of the PS5.


Sony has taken the design issue very seriously here. With the PS5 it abruptly departs from what they had us used to. It is a video game console of considerable size: about 39 centimeters high, 26 wide and about 9 centimeters thick. Its weight is around 3 kilograms.

Xbox Series S

Microsoft, on the other hand, has in the Xbox the smallest model it has ever released. It barely reaches 27 centimeters in height, 15 centimeters in width and in thickness about 6 centimeters. In terms of weight, it also surprises with only 2 kilograms. A real advantage for small spaces.

Between the PS5 and the Xbox Series S, which one has more power?

In the case of the PS5, in terms of graphics power, it reaches 10 TFLOPS, while in the Xbox Series S it only reaches 4 TFLOPS.

At first it may sound alarming because of the 6 TFLOPS difference between one and the other. However, when you experience the game, you quickly realize that this is a requirement in line with specific design of each manufacturer.

In fact, it is possible that in some cases the PS5 will be diminished before the power of the Xbox Series S. For this reason, the difference in TFLOPS between these consoles does not necessarily mean an element that tips the scales in favor of either.

Which offers the best 4K TV resolution

With regard to the resolution of your TV, the amount of TFLOPS can make quite a noticeable differencewhen playing video games in native 4k (up to 8k even), at a speed of 60 frames per second, which can reach 120.

And is that the 1440p resolution of the Xbox Series S languishes in front of that of the PS5. This doesn’t mean that it automatically makes Xbox games look bad. It just means that, should you have a 4k TV, you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of its full potential with Microsoft’s console. A detail that many will surely take into account.

The Ray Tracing technology is a reality both consoles. With the incorporation of this technology, both devices mark a long way ahead of their previous versions.

What you want to know about SSD power

The PS5, with its solid-state hard drive (SSD) offers 825 gigabytes of internal memory compared to the Xbox S Series’ 512. This gives Sony users the advantage of being able to install a few more games.

In terms of speed, the PS5 seems faster than its rival. However, the technological development of Microsoft’s device makes these differences fade away. In fact, the actual gaming experience on the 2 devices is so similar that the difference in speed is hardly noticeable. To top it off, it is possible that in some cases the Xbox is faster.

On the other hand, Sony with its 16 GB of RAM, comfortably ahead of Microsoft that offers only 10 gigabytes for this console.

The tough battle of the games

The games can be the breaking point, the difference that can definitely lead you to decide to buy one or the other.

However, this is one of the most difficult elements to measure because it is subject to a lot of subjectivity. It depends largely on your tastes, the type of game that catches your attention and even what you are willing to invest in them.

But if you consider new games to be a determining factor when buying a PS5 or an Xbox Series S, then the scales could be tipped in favor of the console that offers greater backwards compatibility.

Although the Play Station 5 has backward compatibility with most Play Station 4 games, Xbox took this issue very seriously, as this version is going to be compatible with almost all Xbox One games. This detail expands the range of options for Microsoft’s console thanks to the number of titles it has in its possession.

What you should know before buying the PS5 or Xbox Series S

The economic issue is one of the elements that you should take very seriously before choosing any of these consoles.

What is your buying habit, how much money do you spend per year, do you have any monthly subscription service, are you willing to pay for a video game console? Answering these questions may help you make the right decision.

PlayStation 5 allows you to buy games individually, if you wish, for example one or two games a year. Now, if you want a larger number of titles, though of lower quality, you can opt for the subscription service. For a monthly fee, you will have the possibility to enjoy a great variety.

In this aspect, Microsoft has a very clear advantage. And is that this company recently bought Bethesda, the developer of titles like Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition, Wolfenstein: Youngblood or Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, among many others that will surely be available on Game Pass.

If you’re feeling good about the subscription thing, Game Pass vastly outperforms Playstation 5, so the Xbox is the console for you in this case. In addition, it is possible that Sony will raise the prices of the games a little (they can reach 75 euros). For this reason, in case you do not reach the budget, subscribe may be the most sensible alternative.

What is your gaming routine?

The way you play is also very important. That is, if you only like to play directly from the console, or rather you are also attracted to ONE PC, try the games on the tablet or other mobile device.

If you are one of those who like to take the game anywhere, the Xbox is the one. Microsoft has a system called XCloud, which basically works as a stream, with which you are going to have the ability to play directly on your mobile or PC.

What do the new controllers of these consoles bring?

On the subject of controllers, Sony has gained a few points in popularity thanks to the immersive technology that these controls feature. If you’re interested in virtual reality gaming, something that could happen in a few years, PlayStation is the one. Microsoft does not yet have a virtual reality platform.

The disadvantage of the Playstation platform is that with the previous version of controllers it is not possible to use current games. This is due to the number of innovations present in the new Sony Dual Sense, which are not in the predecessor controller.

Meanwhile, with the Xbox you can play with the previous controller, even if in handling experience it does not surpass its immediate rival.

In summary

Playstation 5 plus points:

  • If you have 4k or 8K TV (or are going to acquire one in the next two or three years) and you really want to fully enjoy that technology, only Play Station 5S is able to offer it to you.
  • In case you feel that two or three extra installed games make all the difference, you should get the PS5.
  • If you’re hooked on Sony-exclusive titles like Spider-Man (Miles Morales), God of War: Ragnarok or Destruction AllStars among others, know that you’re not going to find them on Xbox.
  • If the subscription option means no major dilemma for you, your alternative is on Sony.
  • If you have futuristic vision and want to enjoy a virtual reality gaming experience, the PS5 is the one for you.

Points in favor of Xbox Series S:

  • If you’re fine with Full HD visuals, Xbox Series S is the one to recommend for you.
  • If you’re fine with Full HD visuals, Xbox Series S is the one for you.
  • If you consider the €100 difference between one console and the other and prefer to invest that amount in two more games in the first year. Or better yet, you subscribe to Game Pass for 10 months of games (not available for PS5), the Xbox Series S awaits.
  • Perhaps you’re not so interested in the virtual reality thing, you’d rather take your game anywhere (your tablet, on mobile or laptop) thanks to Xbox’s Play Anywhere technology. Here, Microsoft has no competition.

With the information we have presented to you, we advise you to perform an analysis of your profile so you can decide on the equipment that best suits your needs.

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