Why are MACs not good to play with?

Apple computers have always been a reference in terms of design, style and program optimization. In the gaming world, however, they are displaced by Windows computers. Why is this? Is it true that all gamers bet on Windows instead of MacOS?

Windows vs. macOS: Which is better for gaming?

The main reason why gamers prefer to play on PCs is because the catalog of compatible titles is larger.

Let’s take as an example the most popular platform of the moment: Steam. If you make an evaluation of the games compatible with MacOS and Windows in the Valve service you will quickly realize that the options are more varied for the Microsoft operating system.

Although the alternatives for Mac are greater than those of a decade ago, there is still a long way to go to match the repertoire of the PC.

The second reason has to do with the hardware. Apple uses very specific hardware in their computers, especially in the graphics section, which is not designed for gaming. This, added to the incompatibility with DirectX, makes it much more difficult (and expensive) for some developers to adapt titles optimally for this operating system.

Finally, and unlike the PC, MACs cannot be customized. This limits in great part the experience of the gamer, who in many occasions prefers to adapt their equipment to make it compatible with their tastes or needs of the game.

These three reasons together tip the balance for the use of the PC. Windows is the market standard for computer games, a trend that has been maintained for at least two decades. If you want to explore the universe of video games, then you need to get a PC.

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