Why do you need an antivirus for your mobile phone?

With the steady growth in the use of smartphones, 5 billion people have one, according to the GSMA’s annual Mobile Economy report, this segment is becoming an increasingly attractive or desirable target for cybercriminals and hackers.

This has made it essential to have a program that protects us from the attack of viruses and malware. That’s why today we will talk about the main reasons why you need an antivirus for your cell phone.

What are the best anti-viruses for mobile phones?

#1: Avira Free Antivirus


Considered to be the most powerful free Antivirus for cell phones. Avira offers a very complete antivirus with a blocking system for malicious programs, antivirus scanning functions as well as protection filters, encryption, functions to recover your cell phone in case of loss, among other benefits.

#2: Kaspersky Antivirus Mobile

kaspersky for mobile

Kaspersky is known as one of the best brands in antivirus. Its mobile version stands out for protecting your phone from different sides since it not only prevents viruses and malware from entering your device, but also prevents hackers from entering to steal your information. Everything running in a simple and light way.

#3: McAfee Mobile Security

mcafee mobile security

After the success of this anti-virus on PCs, McAfee decided to develop a mobile version which stands out for its complete functions, mainly focused on protecting mobile phones from malware. In addition, this antivirus is not very heavy, it runs easily and best of all, it is free.

#4: Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos mobile security

Considered as one of the most powerful antivirus for cell phones, this free antivirus offers us a great amount of functions because besides protecting us from the installation and execution of viruses and malignant programs, we will also find antivirus scanning and removal options along with parental control options.

#5: Bitdefender Antivirus Free

bitdefender antivirus

Although this antivirus is designed to be simple, it only focuses on preventing our cell phone from being attacked or violated by malicious programs. Bitdefender offers good protection with a lightweight and easy to run antivirus.

Reasons why you should install an anti-virus on your mobile

antivirus mobile

#1. – Improve your device’s performance:

As viruses run in the background, there’s less power or space available for our applications. Even if we close the applications we have open, the performance will not be the same because these viruses and malwares will be encouraging the device from the shadows.

#2. – Extends battery life:

As we mentioned, anti-virus and malware programs often run without us realizing what would explain the slowness of our cell phone. This is not the only problem, our battery can also be affected by the execution of these programs.

If your battery doesn’t last as long as it should and your phone is slow, there may be a virus running in the background, eating up your device’s entire charge.

#3 – Protect your phone on public internet networks

Do you remember how many celebrities have had their information stolen in recent years? That’s right, by sneaking into his cell phone over the Internet. A good way to prevent your cell phone from being exposed to hackers and cybercriminals when you connect to an open internet access point is to install an anti-virus.

Thanks to the encryption systems and firewalls that these programs incorporate, you will be able to see your cell phone protected. This will prevent any malware or unwanted files from getting in during the connection.

#4. – Stay protected in the data exchange

If you like to transfer data from your PC to your mobile, like many people do using it as a makeshift USB, or if you like to send and receive songs, photos or other information from your friends, it’s best to have an anti-virus.

This way, you won’t be at risk when exchanging data with other devices, because before receiving or opening the files, the antivirus will scan them so you can be completely sure that the files come back clean. It doesn’t matter if the PC is infected, the virus won’t reach your mobile phone thanks to the mobile antivirus.

#5. – Protecting your personal data

Just as installing an anti-virus on your mobile will help protect your banking information, the anti-virus will ensure that your personal data and passwords are kept away from anyone thanks to the encryption and firewalls that an anti-virus has.

So you don’t have to fear that your information will fall into the wrong hands. You will also be able to make interbank transfers or manage your bank accounts and money without the risk of your information falling into the hands of cyber criminals.

#6. – Prevents damage from the virus

It is becoming increasingly evident how cyber criminals develop viruses and malware with more harmful targets. Remember the famous worm virus? That’s right, the one that ate the information on your PC, well, that’s an example of how viruses have been developed that are focused on completely damaging a device.

Like these worms, today we can find malware and viruses that have the sole purpose of damaging your memory or your cell phone’s operating system. Investing in a cell phone anti-virus will ensure that in the future you won’t have to spend on expensive repairs for damage to your phone caused by a virus.

#7. – A potential pandemic

As you may have read before, there are more than 5 billion cell phones in the world, as well as almost 8 billion SIM cards in circulation. If we put these numbers on the table we will understand why there is a potential pandemic.

Thanks to the size of the market, more and more hackers and cybercriminals are turning to cell phones as their main target. So, to avoid falling victim to the virus and malware pandemic, it’s best to install an antivirus on your cell phone.

Be careful what you do on open internet networks

mobile opened in public verdad

The first advice you should consider is to take care of the activities you do when you connect to open internet networks such as those we can find in cafes, shopping malls or in parks.

Transferring information, making banking transactions or accessing your private information on one of these networks can expose you, especially if you do not have an antivirus installed. That’s why the best way to protect yourself is to avoid accessing this information or doing actions that could violate your security and privacy.

Protect your phone with a password

Although the most common way to steal information is by hacking into our cell phone, there is always the possibility that someone, in an oversight, may access it, especially if it does not have a password. Placing passwords or security locks will ensure the protection of our device.

Thus, the first step to keep you safe is to place some authentication method to access your cell phone, here the options range from a simple pin or pattern to fingerprint or easy recognition. In addition, we can place these locks on our applications.

Add a protection system

In addition to the above tips, it is best to consider installing a protection system, i.e. placing an antivirus on your mobile device, as this will ensure that your information is protected from falling into the hands of cyber criminals and hackers.

As we mentioned, there are 5 antivirus systems that are considered to be the best. Here our advice would be to look for an antivirus that has additional barriers for data protection or an encryption method that complements the firewall as well as the antivirus guaranteeing 360º protection.

In conclusion… Do we need an antivirus on our cell phone?

If we look at the numbers and the reasons, we must consider that our cell phone can be a potential target for attack by malicious software, viruses and hackers as well as cyber criminals who only seek to harm us and obtain economic benefits from our affectations.

That is why we can conclude that having an antivirus in our cell phones is no longer a luxury, it is a need that we must cover as soon as possible in order to remain immune to the pandemic of cybernetic attacks to cell phones. The good thing is that you can find many good and free antivirus options to protect your cell phone.

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